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Bonus 150% Bonus
Min. Deposit $100
Regulator LGA
US Clients? YES
Platforms SpotOption
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OneTwoTrade – The leading binary trading site

Binary options is a revolutionary form of trading that has opened up the complicated world of financial markets trading – making it accessible to everyone. OneTwoTrade are leading the way with their SmartOptions consumer trading product… read on to find out a bit more about this very popular broker site.

Who are OneTwoTrade and what are SmartOptions?

OneTwoTrade are a popular binary options broker based in the city of London. They are the only broker to be licensed by the LGA – a voluntary move which provides valuable guarantees and security for their clients. Their highly rated SmartOptions product offers an easy way to trade on the markets, allowing you to make money from short-term variations in the markets. All you need to decide is whether you think an asset will finish ‘up’ (higher price) or ‘down’ (lower price) at the end of the trade period you select… this simple yes/no tool is why it’s called a binary option. The simplicity of the trading tool and the valuable help and advice offered by their money experts attracts novice traders. However, OneTwoTrade offer different trading tools and features to enhance the trading experience, which, with news and expert analysis, makes OneTwoTrade just as appealing to the more experienced trader.


OneTwoTrade offer over 100 of the most popular assets

The actual trading platform is the result of some seriously good user-focussed design and evidently employs some powerful hardware. The interface is clean and clear to use – we particularly like the account pages which offer instant updates and analysis on the performance of your trading activity. The trading centre provides different ways to trade SmartOptions – you will quickly identify which format you prefer. You can trade over 100 of the most popular assets in commodities, stocks, indices and currencies, trading in £, $ or €. The pro-trader view allows you to view historical performance of an asset and provides features to end trades early, extend trades or increase your investment – tools which can really help to make trading more profitable and help manage risk when you’re closely following the markets.

Outstanding customer service

OneTwoTrade really do seem to focus on their customers. Their customer service is not just a helpline to help you with the website… they appoint a ‘dedicated manager’ to all of their clients – yes all of them – it’s not just for the big-spenders. These managers will help you with your trading strategy, keep you updated with money market news and analysis and even help monitor your trading goals. If you want to improve your trading abilities they can also put you in touch with one of OneTwoTrades analysts or book you on to a trading seminar (held at the London offices). It’s no surprise then that they boast a 97% overall customer satisfaction score.

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